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Bakersfield, CA


Mold Clean Up in Bakersfield, CA

If there is a musty odor at your home or business, you need a Bakersfield, CA, mold clean up company to inspect your property. Call the trusted team at Absolute Mitigation Services for help. Moldy residue or buildup can be caused by floodwater or an unseen leak in your roof. In either instance, mold contamination must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If left untreated, it can result in serious health issues as well as overwhelming your property with an unpleasant aroma. If you have uncovered it, you need a professional and experienced remediation service to deal with it before the contamination gets worse.

If you suspect that moldy spores have infested your property, call us immediately. We have vast experience in this area, and pride ourselves on the high quality work done by our punctual, professional staff. Our experienced mitigation team will assess your situation, and devise a plan to effectively and rapidly eliminate your problem. When you work with us, we will:

  • Identify contaminants on your property
  • Treat moldy areas
  • Use measures to prevent your problem from recurring
  • Offer prompt project completion

This is a problem that you cannot let slide. It will not go away on its own. If you need help from a Bakersfield, CA, mold clean up company, contact Absolute Mitigation Services. To learn more about our services, or to set up an appointment, call now.